What many people don’t know is that the programmes they work in every day (such as PowerPoint and Word) offer great opportunities for Business Drawing. You can easily add your own icons and drawings, note feedback during presentations, draw out your ideas in a consultation with a client, and much more.

In the training course ‘Business Drawing in PowerPoint and Word’ you will learn to use the drawing tools of these programmes in your own daily work.

You will learn how to draw over or next to an existing picture in PowerPoint or Word. During the training we will show you all kinds of ways to use this conveniently in your own daily work.

Retrieving information during a session. You learn how to make a whiteboard-like slide, on which you quickly write down or draw the answers of session participants, in your own presentation.

You learn to draw on or over a slide from a client, for example during an intake, or record actions on the last slide of a presentation. If you send the presentation afterwards, all the input from the meeting itself is already there.

This training is suitable for:

  • Anyone who regularly consults or coordinates with colleagues or clients. So not just for people who present, but for anyone who works with Microsoft Office.
  • You must have attended Business Drawing 1, because in this training we do not go into the basics of drawing, but you will learn how to draw in PowerPoint and Word.

What do you need to have in terms of technique?

  • You have experience with Powerpoint, Word or Excel. Please note that this way of drawing does not work in Apple programmes like Keynote, Pages or Numbers. However, you can work on your Apple computer with Microsoft Office (if you have purchased it).
  • For your work, you will have a Wacom tablet (you can buy one starting at €40), or a touchscreen laptop, or a 2-in-1 laptop or tablet with a stylus or pen that allows you to draw on the screen. Suitable brands of touchscreens include Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, HP, Microsoft Surface, etc.
  • We do not recommend drawing with a mouse.

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